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Michael's Cantina - LUKKET

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South of the Border Combination Platter
Portions‎ of bean dip, guacamole, chili con queso and salsa. Served with corn and flour chips. Serves four or makes a great meal for one an experience not to be missed
Famous Bean Dip
This unequaled favorite has whipped pinto beans with cheddar cheese and onions, smothered in our mild Mexican red chili sauce. Served in a flour tortilla bowl with flour chips.
Chili Con Queso
(Cheese Dip) Our savory blend of three cheeses, chilies and spices. Served with choice of corn or flour chips.
We prepare this favorite daily with fresh, ripe avocados and spices, then add tomatoes and onions.
Salsa Fresca
Tomatoes,‎ onions, cilantro, peppers, spices and juices come together for this fresh tasting premium salsa. Served with warm corn chips.
7 Triangles of delicious mozzarella, covered in a herb breading and fried until crispy. Served with our own warm red sauce for dipping.
Salsa Shrimp Cocktail
7 Delicious tiger shrimp served in a martini glass full of salsa fresca. Warm corn chips complement these two great tastes in one.
Jalapeno Poppers
7 Cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, breaded and fried.
Onion Rings
A basket full of beer-battered onion rings.
Jalapeno Bottle Caps
Spicy slices of jalapeno peppers, breaded and deep fried. Served with cool chipotle ranch dressing. Very addictive
Beef‎ or chicken in Michael’s original large fried flour shell.
Served in the husk with a side of chili, lettuce and tomato.
Bean $3.00
Chunk beef $4.00
Chunk beef and bean $5.00
A 6 inch flour tortilla is dipped in special sauce, then rolled up with your choice of ground beef, cheese, or chicken inside. Outside, we cover it with colorado red chili and cheese, then bake
Tostada (a flat taco)
Bean $3.00
Guacamole $3.00
Beef and bean $4.00
Combination Supreme
The best of the best-that’s why it’s no. 1. 1 Enchilada of your choice, 1 taco of your choice, 1 bean tostada, and 1 pork tamale. Served with rice, beans, and sour cream. A complete authentic meal. You won’t walk away hungry from this one!
Combination Special
1 enchilada, and 1 taco of your choice served with rice, beans and sour cream. This is a Michael's favorite!
Tostada-Burrito Combination
One‎ tostada and one burrito of your choice. Served with rice, beans and sour cream.
Taco Dinner
Two of our original large tacos (beef or chicken), rice, beans and sour cream.
Enchilada Platter
Two enchiladas of your choice specially served with lettuce, tomato, olives, rice, beans and sour cream on the side.
Classic Taco Salad
Your choice of seasoned ground beef, chicken breast or chilled cocktail shrimp, served in a large flour shell bowl, with lettuce, cheese, tomato. Guacamole on request. Served with choice of dressing.
Fantastic Fajita Salad
Your‎ choice of marinated, then grilled steak, chicken breast or sauteed shrimp, served in a large flour shell bowl, with lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion and pepper slices. Sour cream and guacamole on request.
Homestyle Chili
Ground‎ beef, pinto beans, tomatoes, seasoned just right for everyone. Topped with cheddar and onions. You can fire it up as you like with our green sauce. Colorado red
Chili Con Carne
A large bowl of our chili sauce with chunks of lean beef. Served with three tortillas. No beans in this chili!
Tamale Float ½
One of our delicious tamales in a bowl, submerged in your choice of our homestyle chili with beans or our colorado red without beans and topped with cheese and onion.
Rice or Beans
3 Flour Tortillas
Chips (flour or corn)
Dinner Salad
Basket of Waffle Fries
Salsa Fresca
All selections are served with a pickle spear, garnish and choice of salad, chili, waffle fries, sweet potato fries, jalapeno bottle caps or onion rings
Half-Pound Burger
Fresh, never frozen ground beef, hand formed, char-grilled and served on a premium bun. Add cheese for.50.
Cheese $+0.50
California Dreamin’ Burger
Surfs up dudes! Topping our half pound burger is monterey jack cheese and slices of fresh avocado. We’ll throw in our salsa fresca upon request.
Big ‘Ol Bacon Cheese Burger
Name says it all!
Swiss Mushroom Burger
Our half-pounder topped with mushrooms and a slice of swiss cheese.
Mexi-Chili Cheese Burger
A burger smothered in our homestyle chili and sprinkled with cheddar and onions. You might eat this huge one with a fork.
Grilled Chicken
A juicy, marinated chicken breast served on a kaiser bun. Some have called this the best chicken sandwich they’ve ever had.
Ragin’ Cajun Chicken
We start with our grilled chicken breast, then dip it in our spicy-hot wing sauce. If you like chicken wings, you’ll love this sandwich.
Monterey Chicken
Our marinated chicken breast topped with a mild green chili, monterey jack cheese and a side of guacamole by request.
Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich
Yo Adrienne! you’ll think you’re in south Philly with this traditional cheese steak. Premium diced steak seasoned and cooked with onions and bell peppers, then smothered in our delicious queso cheese dip and served in a hoagie bun.
We’ve spent 30 years developing these specially prepared meals.
We guarantee your satisfaction with our founders name.
Beef Chimichanga
Seasoned ground beef with onions and green bell peppers carefully wrapped in a large tortilla and deep fried. Covered with colorado red sauce and melted cheese. Served with rice, beans and sour cream on the side
Without‎ a doubt, Michael’s secret marinade is unequaled. Now you have more choices than ever before. All are served with onions, peppers, lettuce, salsa, tortillas, cheese, jalapenos, rice and beans. Sour cream and guacamole upon request.
Served for two $20.00
Original steak sirloin strips
Sauteed shrimp
Tender chicken breast
Portabello mushroom vegetarian
The Michal Special Burrito
The original king of the burritos! A huge tortilla filled with chunks of beef, cheese, beans, rice, onions, tomato; covered with melted cheese, slice of tomato, black olives, and our delicious colorado red chili sauce. Served with sour cream and lettuce.
Smaller little Mike’s burrito $7.00
Chili Relleno
A mild poblano pepper, fire roasted and stuffed. It’s then pan fried in egg batter and topped with colorado red chili sauce and cheddar cheese. Served with rice, beans and one tortilla. Choice of cheese or ground beef and cheese.
Tamales Del Sopa
Two of our tamales, made with tender pork roast and fresh masa (a Mexican-style corn meal), served on a bed of rice, covered in our colorado red chili sauce and cheese. Served with beans and sour cream.
Cheese‎ lovers delight. A large flour tortilla filled with cheddar and monterey jack cheese, onions, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos. Folded in half, then baked with more cheese on top until all is melted. Served with lettuce, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Add ground beef or chicken inside for only a dollar more.
Chicken Can Cun
We blend chicken breast meat with monterey jack and smooth cream cheese, cilantro and diced bell peppers. It is then rolled in a tortilla and fried as a chimichanga, placed on a bed of rice and smothered in cheese sauce. Served with beans, lettuce, tomato and sour cream on the side.
Huevos Con Chorizo
Spicy Mexican sausage, salsa and scrambled eggs, rolled into two burritos covered in sauce and sprinkled with cheese. Served with rice and beans.
How to order
Original Lime Blended
12Oz. Little cactus $4.00
16 Oz. Big cactus $5.00
Party pitcher for 5 $17.00
Margarita for 2 $13.00
Original Lime “on the rocks”
12Oz. Little cactus $4.00
16 Oz. Big cactus $5.00
Party pitcher for 5 $17.00
Margarita for 2 $13.00
Strawberry Blended
12Oz. Little cactus $4.00
16 Oz. Big cactus $5.00
Party pitcher for 5 $17.00
Margarita for 2 $13.00
Raspberry Blended
12Oz. Little cactus $4.00
16 Oz. Big cactus $5.00
Party pitcher for 5 $17.00
Margarita for 2 $13.00
Peach Blended
12Oz. Little cactus $4.00
16 Oz. Big cactus $5.00
Party pitcher for 5 $17.00
Margarita for 2 $13.00
Watermelon Blended
12Oz. Little cactus $4.00
16 Oz. Big cactus $5.00
Party pitcher for 5 $17.00
Margarita for 2 $13.00
Served with lime
Corona Light
Dos Equis Special
Modelo Especial
Carta Blanca
Dos Equis Amber
Negra Modelo
Served in long neck bottles
Bud Light
Busch Light
Coors Light
George Killians Red
Michelob Light
Michelob Golden Draft
Miller Light
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Anmeldt d. 7. juni 2017

Hvordan kan dårligt mexicanske restauranter kunne overleve i det, jeg synes er en rigtig restaurant dygtige by? Maden var forfærdelig. Taco blev annonceret som oksekød, som jeg går ud fra vil være revne, men er oksekød. Kyllingen enchilada var som noget man kunne finde på...en dagligvarebutik. Jeg voksede op i Arizona så jeg kan blive kræsne om min mexicansk mad, men tak.Mere

Dato for besøg: juni 2017
Anmeldt d. 25. maj 2017

Har prøvet Michael er et par gange og har aldrig været imponeret. Maden er gennemsnitlig og kedelig. Betjeningen er uregelmæssig. Det er okay, men der er meget bedre " mexicansk " restauranter i området.

Dato for besøg: september 2016
Anmeldt d. 27. april 2017

God mexicansk mad frokost stop. Jeg har været her flere gange. Den kundeservice er altid god og rettidig når man har en times frokostpause. De har store portioner, kommer sulten.

Dato for besøg: april 2017
Anmeldt d. 25. april 2017

En Morgenmaden manglede noget pragt velkommen med nogle hænder gjorde opmærksom på hvor vi skulle sidde. Da vi spurgte om vi kunne sidde i et sted med en holdning til, at skuldre trak på skuldrene og et grynt angivet vi kunne gøre det, hvis vi...ville. Jeg var meget konkret om der angiver det, jeg ville have for min ordre, men har modtaget noget meget anderledes. Temmelig gennemsnitligt service, men dejlig indretning og atmosfære.Mere

Dato for besøg: april 2017
Anmeldt d. 22. april 2017 fra mobile enheder

Michael's er altid et godt valg for autentiske Tex Mex måltider. Elsker salsa og guacamole. Fantastisk tacos. Kyllingtacos er bedre end oksekød. Cancun burritos er et hit. Værd at vende tilbage på besøg.

Dato for besøg: april 2017
Anmeldt d. 29. marts 2017 fra mobile enheder

Tilmeld sagde " mexicansk " , men stammer fra os, vil jeg kalde mit måltid " Midwestican vestlige ". Maden var ok, og servicen god, priserne høje for mexicansk mad. Jeg vil prøve et andet sted, hvis jeg var på udkig efter mexicansk mad.

Dato for besøg: marts 2017
Anmeldt d. 6. marts 2017 fra mobile enheder

Margaritas var vidunderlig og den fisketacos var lækker. Hele familien var vild med krydret salsa!

Dato for besøg: marts 2017
Anmeldt d. 27. januar 2017 fra mobile enheder

Min datter og jeg blev travlt i går aftes og ikke rigtig sulten. Stoppede i for en lille nachos) til at dele. Tjeneren var meget imødekommende og vidste, at vi var kort til tiden, så var i stand til at betjene os hurtigt. De tilbyder...også gratis chips og salsa. Dejligt stop!Mere

Dato for besøg: januar 2017
Anmeldt d. 24. januar 2017

Californien fusion mexicansk med en citrus islæt. Jeg kan godt lide dette sted for en changeup en eneste gang i et stykke tid da syge af traditionelle mexicanske

Dato for besøg: december 2016
Anmeldt d. 23. december 2016 fra mobile enheder

Servitricen var meget rart, og utrolig imødekommende. Hun hjalp mig finde ud af min ordre. Stedet er ikke støjende eller irriterende som en masse gamle markedspladser. Maden er okay og portionerne er store. Det er temmelig pebret. Jeg betalte for en stor, men relativt kedeligt...burrito for $ 13 og drikkepenge oven i det. Gratis chips og salsa. Woohoo.Mere

Dato for besøg: december 2016
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