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Coffee Rani

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Amerikansk, Café
Særlige kostkrav
Vegetarvenlig, Veganske retter, Glutenfri retter
Frokost, Brunch, Morgenmad, Aftensmad
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Placering og kontaktoplysninger


Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Creamy combo of artichoke hearts & fresh spinach topped w/ parmesan & tomatoes served w/ warmed pits chips for dipping
Appetizer 4 oz $7.50
Entree 8 oz. $10.95
Sashimi Tuna
Cracked pepper-crushed tuna seared in peanut oil on a bed of spring mix lightly tossed in a sesame oil & drizzled w/ our homemade peanut dressing, garnished w/ sesame seeds, mung bean sprouts.
Stuffed Artichoke
Four cheeses, garlic & bread crumbs generously stuffed in a steamed artichoke
Eggplant Rani (Dinner Only)
Layered medallions‏ of eggplant, portabella mushrooms smoked gouda, roasted onions & peppers, parmesan cheese, wilted spinach & a pasto-alfredo cream sauce
Soup Du Jour
Whole wheat tortilla available upon request $+0.50
Whole wheat pita bread served pizza style w/ a variety of toppings
Whole wheat tortilla available upon request $+0.50
Chicken Quesadilla
Cheese. Chicken onion, in a flour tortilla w/ our black bean relish. Sour cream, carrots. Cabbage. Chili noodles, kalamata olive. Salsa & honey
Whole wheat tortilla available upon request $+0.50
Shrimp Quesadilla
Served exactly like our fabulous chicken quesadilla. Except, we substitute grilled shrimp
Whole wheat tortilla available upon request $+0.50
Turkey & Black Bean
Smoked turkey & black beans w/ tomatoes. Cilantro roasted peppers. Onions, cheddar-provo cheese in a flour tortilla served on sa/ad wash our special black bean & cilantro relish
Whole wheat tortilla available upon request $+0.50
Portabella & Smoked Cheese
Whole wheat tortilla, smoked gouda, swiss provo-feta cheeses. Portabella mushroom, sauteed spinach, peppers. Onions. Tomatoes. Mushrooms. Artichokes & a pesto yogurt spread served w/ brown rice or side salad
Tuscan Chicken
White wine garlic steamed spinach. Topped w/ two grilled chicken breast. Swiss-pron cheese. Artichokes, & sundried tomatoes, w/ a basil butter cream sauce
Albuquerque Turkey
Egg crepe & two. 4oz turkey burgers w/ cheddar-provo-gouda cheeses, tomato bits. Roasted peppers. Cilantro & & chipolte butter cream sauce
Red Fish Bobo
One pan seared fish filet. With blackened seasoning & browned garlic butter. Served w/ zucchini strips garnished w/ tomatoes & shredded yellow squash
1 breast $9.95
2 breast $12.95
Chicken Robert
A crustless quiche, topped w/ chicken breasts a lemon butter cream sauce compliments this dish garnished w/ a fresh sprig of parsley
Plain $6.95
Grilled chicken $8.95
Grilled shrimp $10.95
Shrimp remoulade $10.95
Classic Caesar
Bleusy Chicken
Grilled chicken breast saved on a bed of fresh spinach walnuts. Carrots & mushrooms, wpm) wah poppyseed dressing & bleu cheese
Curried Chicken
Baked chicken,‏ apples. Grapes. Raisins, walnuts. Carrots, cabbage, tossed w/ curry dressing & garnished w/ toasted coconut
Greek Chicken
Herbed marinated‏ chicken roma tomatoes. Sun-dried tomatoes, garbanzo beans. Greek olives. Green onions, pepperoncini, sliced cucumbers feta cheese & pita wedge, tossed w/ aegean dressing
Oriental Chicken
Baked chicken tossed w/ sesame seeds carrots, cabbage, chow mein noodles. Green onions, mung bean sprouts & our own house-made peanut dressing
Baked chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, egg, tomatoes carrots. Cabbage, cheddar-provo cheese, croutons, green onions, cucumbers & avocado aegean dressing
Spring mix topped w/ grilled tuna, green beans, grilled potatoes chopped egg, roma tomato, kalamata olives w/ balsamic vinaigrette
Chopped egg, bacon, almonds, purple cabbage, cheddar - provo cheese, croutons, accompanied by a generous strong of chicken salad topped w/ toasted almonds tomatoes & cucumbers w/ bleu cheese dressing
Salad Rani
Lettuce, mung bean sprouts, cucumbers, cabbage, roma tomatoes. Cheddar-provo cheese, bacon, croutons, & carrots tossed w/ our creole honey mustard dressing
Santa Fe
Smoked turkey. Carrots, cabbage, black beans, tomatoes, cheddar-provo-cheese, hominy, spiced chili noodles, sour cream kalamata olive, w/ a honey-lemon vinaigrette
Grilled Ham & Smoked Gouda
Grilled ham‏ & smoked gouda w/ honey mustard on toasted 7 grain wheat
Corned beef provo - swiss sauerkraunt & our house honey mustard dressing on grilled marble rye
Turkey Reuben
Turkey. Provo - swiss cheese, sauerkraut & fat free thousand island dressing grilled on marbled rye
Croissant Club
Ham, turkey, cheddar & provo-cheese, crisp bacon w/ lettuce, tomato & red onions, w/ creole honey mustard dressing on a toasted croissant
Cobb Club
Grilled breast of chicken. Crisp bacon. Roma tomatoes, diced egg, avocado & romaine lettuce topped w/ crumbled bleu cheese, parmesan dressing, served on toasted herbed ciabatta bread
Chicken Salad
Tender chunks of chicken, celery, onions, & mayo on 7 grain wheat bread w/ sliced cucumbers, roma tomatoes. Romaine lettuce & alfalfa sprouts.
Pesto Crusted Chicken
Crispy pesto-grilled chicken, lettuce & tomatoes served on toasted herbed ciabatta bread w/ our creamy pesto spread. Marinara & parmesan cheese
Philly Deluxe
Philly "style' steak sandwich w/ grilled onions, & peppers, romaine, tomatoes, mayo, brown mustard & provo & swiss cheese on toasted herbed ciabatta bread
Rani Burger
Grilled 8oz sirloin burger served in our usual healthy style on our toasted whole wheat bun, w/ romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, onion, mayo & brown mustard w/ ketchup on side
Specialty Burgers
Blues burger, BBQ burger
Whole wheat pasta may be substituted on any pasta bowl when available $+1.00
Chicken Vera Cruz
Grilled chicken breast topped w/ a light marinara sauce, diced tomatoes & capers, garnished w/ grated parmesan cheese & crushed red peppers, served over angel hair pasta
Grilled salmon $+3.00
Whole wheat pasta may be substituted on any pasta bowl when available $+1.00
Pesto Crusted Chicken
Grilled chicken breast & crispy pesto served aver pasta tossed w/ our signature rosa sauce & parmesan cheese
Plain $6.95
Chicken $8.50
Grilled shrimp $10.95
Whole wheat pasta may be substituted on any pasta bowl when available $+1.00
Alfredo Pasta
Creamy alfredo sauce tossed w/ angel hair garnished w/ parmesan & parsley
Whole wheat pasta may be substituted on any pasta bowl when available $+1.00
Chicken Sardou
Grilled chicken breast served over pasta w/ a creamy blend of spinach artichoke hearts & three cheeses & garnished w/ sundried tomatoes & parmesan cheese
Whole wheat pasta may be substituted on any pasta bowl when available $+1.00
Crawfish Monica
A jazz fest classic crawfish tails served in a cajun cream sauce w/ angel hair pasta. And parmesan cheese & fresh herbs garnished w/ green onion & red pepper flakes
Whole wheat pasta may be substituted on any pasta bowl when available $+1.00
Shrimp Eggplant Rani Dinner Only
Layered meatballs of eggplant, portobello mushroom, smoked gouda, roasted onions & peppers, wilted spinach w/ grilled shrimp & a pesto-alfredo cream sauce, parmesan cheese atop bowtie pasta
Mediterranean Sandwich
Roasted red pepper, spinach. Cucumbers, tomatoes. Pesto yogurt, avocado, sprouts, red onions, provo-swiss & feta cheeses on lightly toasted 7 gain wheat, w/ seasoned chps & agean dressing
Mushroom Burger
Grilled mushrooms. Carrots, purple cabbage, diced onion. Avocado, mayo, cheese, alfalfa sprouts, served on a toasted whole wheat bun, served w/ chips
Veggie Tortilla
Grilled vegetable served in a flour tortilla topped w/ our max of provo-swiss cheese, alfalfa sprouts & salsa w/ side caesar salad
Veggie Spud
Large baked potato stuffed w/ grilled vegetables topped w/ provo-swiss cheese, served w/ our cream, green onions & salsa
Sweet potato may be substituted when available.
Side Caesar or Mixed Green Salad
Quesadilla Side Salad
Scoop of Chicken Salad
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Italian cream soda
Hot/Iced Coffee
Hot/Iced Tea
Mineral Water
Turkey lo-cal. Iceberg & romaine lettuce, sliced turkey. Purple cabbage, carrots, alfalfa sprouts roma tomatoes, garbanzo beans, 4 points
Smoked Ham & Gouda Sandwich
Gilled ham & gouda cheese, dressed, w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, & brown mustard served on 2 slices of 7 grain toasted wheat bread, w/ side mixed salad, 12 points
Smoked Turkey Rueben
Grilled smoked‏ turkey, 1 oz provo/swiss cheese, sauerkraut & brown mustard served on 2 slices 7 grain toasted wheat bread, w/ a side mixed salad, 9 points
Club Sandwich
Ham & smoked turkey layered w/ lettuce, tomato. And 1 oz cheese serve on 3 slices grilled toasted 7 grain bread, w/ a side mixed salad, 13 points
Veggie Tortilla
Grilled vegetables served on a low carb tortilla, w/ 1 oz provo/swiss cheese & salsa w/ a side mixed salad, 5 points
Veggie Spud
Grilled vegetables served on 1/2 baked potato w/ 1 oz swill/provo cheese & salsa w/ a side mixed salad 8 points. Substitute sweet potato... 7 points
Portobello Quesadilla
Grilled portobello mushroom strips, sautéed spinach, grilled onions & peppers & 1 oz swill/provo cheese, served in a low carb tortilla w/ pesto yogurt sauce & salsa on the side w/ a side mixed salad. 6 points
Veggie Mushroom Burger
Grilled mushrooms. Canots. Cabbage, onion, & avocado w/ 1 oz provo/swill cheese & salsa w/ a side mixed salad. 4 points
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Anmeldt d. 25. marts 2017

Dette er en meget praktisk beliggenhed for at springe ind til en hurtig frokost, kaffe eller endda middag! Det byder på mange forskellige retter med daglige specialiteter som er for alvor kan anbefales! De Al's har en fantastisk menu med salater at vælge imellem.

Dato for besøg: april 2016
Anmeldt d. 13. marts 2017

Havde brunch der i dag og nød hver bid. Vi var 5 til brunch og alle nød. En fantastisk menu til morgenmad, frokost og middag. Har god kaffe og desserter.

Dato for besøg: marts 2017
Anmeldt d. 29. januar 2017

Så jeg boede her 20 år siden og elskede det Butterfly pesto salat og Pasta og rejer håb om det, og det er der jeg vender tilbage bedre og større end nogensinde! ! ! ! Fantastisk for at spise frokost eller når som helst med...desserter i tilfælde du hele tiden. Stort udvalg af sund is te at vælge imellem - lige en dejlig stor menu og god mad.Mere

Dato for besøg: december 2016
Anmeldt d. 16. januar 2017 fra mobile enheder

Du bestiller ved skranken, og de senere gøre dig bord . Personalet var meget venlige og maden var fremragende. Vil varmt anbefale det og vi vil bestemt vende tilbage.

Dato for besøg: januar 2017
Anmeldt d. 14. december 2016 fra mobile enheder

Sikke et fantastisk sted! Min kone og jeg havde rødfisk og tacos og salat med grillet kylling tilføjet, begge meget store og velsmagende. Det hele er lavet fra bunden. Servicen er effektiv og meget venlige. Menuen ser fantastisk. Havde svært at prøve på at beslutte,...hvad det første besøg. Opad vil være nødt til at vende tilbage igen og igen for at arbejde vores vej gennem et utal af muligheder. Vej at gå. Rani er en keeper.Mere

Dato for besøg: december 2016
Anmeldt d. 18. oktober 2016

Lækker mad - menu har en unik og standard valg - sortiment af te og sodavand - lækre desserter Mit sted at tage hen for at spise, når jeg besøger Covington

Dato for besøg: oktober 2016
Anmeldt d. 17. oktober 2016

Venligt og effektivt personale. Lækre sandwich, salater og bageri varer. Den for flade brød var vores favorit. En kop kaffe drikkevarer er fremragende.

Dato for besøg: september 2016
Anmeldt d. 16. oktober 2016 fra mobile enheder

Satte i med kaffe og morgenmad i morges. Det er et dejligt lille boutique-kaffebar med dejlig kaffe og let morgenmad retter. Jeg havde en pepper jack omelet og en kop kaffe for omkring $13 . Alt er indrettet fint og eksklusivt, men servicen er 'er...lidt mangelfuld. Du bestiller ved skranken og vente på at blive bragt til dig, og du får din egen mad sølv ware og bleer som dig på Wendy's. Jeg er også nødt til at få min egen kaffe refill. Men alt i alt er det et dejligt sted for morgenmad i centrum af Frederiksberg.Mere

Dato for besøg: oktober 2016
Anmeldt d. 13. september 2016

Elsker deres salater - min favorit er Cobb salat. De har også andre gode ting. De serverer kaffe og te og nogle fantastiske ørkener.

Dato for besøg: april 2016
Anmeldt d. 8. juli 2016

Har spist her ofte af mindst 15 år. Meget pænt udvalg af kaffe, te (især de blå øjne). Udvalg af bkfst retter er større i weekenden, når de serverer brunch. Frokost er fremragende og fejler aldrig. De har et stort udvalg af store, kvalitet salater...- mindst 10 1,73 , er typer, såvel som sandwich, og vegetariske retter. En aubergine napoleon stak og svampe og gouda er ikke af denne verden !!!! Den havkat Bobo og rødfisk retter er smagfuldt og og lav-kulhydrat. I weekenden, de serverer de bedste rejer og gryn i byen!!!! Der er mange forskellige menuen er fantastiske, du kan spise der hver dag i flere uger og aldrig vil gentage en bestilling. Alt er forberedt frisk og de er glade for at gøre substitutter og arbejde omkring dine ønsker. Der er jo altid et tilfælde var fyldt med en overflod af desserter, ser fantastisk ud - jeg er altid alt for fuldt ud umiddelbart efter mit måltid mad til at smage på dem ... hotelbus men det er også et fantastisk sted at holde op med i for at få kaffe og dessert. Venligt personale, dejlig stemning. Meget rimelige priser.Mere

Dato for besøg: juni 2016
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