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Bill's Restaurant

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Fried Cheese Sticks
Five sticks of whole milk mozzarella cheese cut to order, dipped in our wonderful dark beer batter (mom always said to use the dark beer as it imparts more flavor into the food), deep fried and served with our terrific sauce..
New Grilled Shrimp Skewer
Charbroiled shrimp on a skewer with our wonderful house seasoning.
Deep Fried Dills
A southern tradition. Kosher dill pickle chips rolled in a seasoned cracker meal and fried to order the old fashioned way. Served with a zesty house sauce.
Patti's Loaded Potato Chips
Homemade chips smothered with chili, bacon, cheeses, diced tomatoes, green onions and red peppers. Served with sour cream.
Michael's Shrimp
We broil shrimp together with our special blend of cheeses and chives, hickory smoked bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh mushrooms until it's rich and creamy and oh so good!
Flowering Colossal Onion
A gourmet delight suitable for up to four people. Beer batter dipped and fried to a golden brown with patti's special seasonings. Served with our terrific house sauces.
Specialty salads, excluding spinach and house salads, served with homemade flower pot bread and butter.
New Southwestern Chicken
Fried to order nacho chips surrounding fresh salad greens, layered with homemade salsa, grilled chicken, cheeses, black beans and corn. Topped with sour cream and guacamole. Great tasting with our homemade avocado dressing. It's this years best new salad at patti's.
Fried Chicken Salad
Fresh salad greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, eggs and crumbled bacon. Topped with tender strips of chicken breast that has been rolled in our special flour and seasonings and deep fried. Topped with shredded cheeses, chives, freshly made croutons and choice of dressing.
Aloha Chicken Salad
Fresh hawaiian gold pineapple with fresh fruit of the season, along with a grilled chicken breast atop fresh, crisp greens. Served with our homemade cirtus cream sauce for dipping.
Soup- Cup or Bowl
house dressings ranch, thousand island, French, poppy seed, kentucky curry, bleu cheese, honey mustard, hot bacon and raspberry vinaigrette. also, see about a 12 oz. jar of dressing to go!
Chef Salad
Fresh salad greens with lots of fresh vegetables, piled high and topped with slices of black forest ham, mesquite smoked turkey, swiss and cheddar cheeses, eggs, tomatoes, crumbled bacon and homemade croutons compete this wonderful salad. Comes with choice of dressing.
Grilled Chicken Salad
Fresh salad greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, eggs, and crumbled bacon. Topped with tender strips or charbroiled chicken and cheeses, chives, freshly made croutons and choice of dressing.
House Salad
A generous tossed green garden delight with lots of fresh vegetables sprinkled with cheeses and croutons.
Our sandwiches are served on freshly baked loaf bread or buns. We also serve prepared to order homemade potato chips, which are a story in their own right. We once used store bought chips and ran out one day, so we tried to make some real quick by cutting our own - wrong! It was a mess. But the idea was in our heads, so we kept working and developed the chips we serve today. Enjoy! (Add a patti's house salad or potato chips by the bag)
Kentucky Hot Brown
An open-faced sandwich with our toasted homemade bread layered with black forest ham and mesquite smoked turkey slices and tomato. Then smothered in our homemade cheese sauce, baked and served with a slice of hickory smoked bacon and our potato chips.
New Patti Burger Deluxe
A half pound of ground chuck, charbroiled and seasoned with patti's special seasoning. Topped with hickory smoked bacon, smoky cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce then dressed with good things from the garden: lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard and ketchup. Served with chips and cole slaw.
Cheeseburger, Hamburger
New Patti's Chili Cheeseburger
Our half pound charbroiled burger topped with our homemade chili, cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Served with chips and cole slaw.
Turkey Club
We start with our homemade toast, lettuce and tomato, hickory smoked bacon and mesquite smoked turkey. Served with mayo and patti's special hot and sweet mustard on the side with chips and cole slaw.
Soup and Sandwich
For a lite lunch, or to leave room for a slice of patti's signature desserts! A half of a BLT or turkey club and a cup of the soup of the day and chips.
New Ribeye Steak Sandwich
USDA choice ribeye steak charbroiled and seasoned with patti's special seasoning. Served on our homemade bun with good things from the garden: lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles. Comes with mayo, chips and cole slaw.Entrées are served with a choice of a cup of soup or fresh garden salad or spinach salad with hot bacon dressing. Entrées (except pasta) include choice of baked potato or steak fries or steamed vegetables, and fresh flower pot bread with whipped butter and strawberry butter. Enjoy your baked potato loaded with our homemade cheese sauce, chives and hickory smoked bacon.
Patti Brown
An open-faced sandwich made with our toasted homemade bread, topped with a half pound charbroiled hamburger patty and sautéed mushrooms, then smothered in our homemade cheese sauce, baked and topped with patti's potato chips and cole slaw.
Catfish Sandwich
A filet rolled in our special flour and seasoning and fried to a golden brown. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and tartar sauce on a homemade bun with chips and cole slaw.
Patti's is very proud of the fact we always bring the finest to our guests. USDA choice aged beef is what we hand cut our steaks from every day.
The Beef Tenderloin or Filet Mignon
Recognized the world over as the finest cut of steak there is. Patti's brings this special cut to you in four great ways!
Bacon Wrapped Filet
Our classic 9 oz. Bacon wrapped charbroiled filet is grilled to perfection with our special seasoning and sauce.
NEW Beef Kabobs
Filet medallions skewered with fresh vegetables and pineapple charbroiled with our special seasoning and sauce. Great new dish!
NEW Beef Oscar
Tender medallions of charbroiled filet along with three grilled jumbo shrimp, fresh grilled asparagus, sautéed mushrooms and a wonderfully rich, creamy béarnaise sauce drizzled over the top.
NEW Stuffed Filet Mignon
Our classic 9 oz. filet is stuffed with our special blend of cheeses and chives, bacon wrapped and charbroiled. It all melts together inside the filet as it cooks and creates a mouth-watering steak with supreme flavor in every bite.
Pork Chop Seasoning and Sauces Available in the Gift Shop
Patti's House Specialty 2" PORK CHOP
Charbroiled pork chop, seasoned as only Patti's can, grilled over an open flame; our house specialty and a meaty must for most.
Apples Delight
Pork​ loin bacon-wrapped filet, charbroiled and topped with glazed baked apples.
Patti's Pork Filet
A pork loin bacon-wrapped filet, charbroiled and basted with our original house seasoning and sauce.
NEW Patti's Tropical Pork
Wonderful new flavors, a pork loin, bacon wrapped filet is charbroiled with a citrus plum glaze, then served over fresh grilled pineapple and topped with our new tropical relish (strawberries, mango, pineapple, red peppers and a hint of cilantro and lime)
1" Pork Chop
Our​ 1" pork chop seasoned with our own blend of spices and seasoning then charbroiled. Truly a great dish! The National Pork Producers council recommends pork to be served pink. This allows it to be more juicy and tender. Patti's was named National Pork Producers Restaurant of the Year for the state of Kentucky '89-91, and third runner up in the nation in '89! Today we serve an average of 100,000 pounds of pork a year in our little town of 350 people. Not bad!
Ella Mae's Chicken
Ella Mae, who was a wonderful cook back in the 80's, first came up with this dish. It keeps changing a little every few years, but keeps it's basic great taste. For our 30 year celebration we changed it by adding freshly grilled asparagus over our grilled chicken breast. This is topped with slices of black forest ham coming off the grill and sautéed mushrooms. Then covered in our homemade cheese sauce. This really is a great chicken dish and it's MY favorite.
Don's Chicken
Another​ old timer, Don started this dish in the 90's. Charbroiled chicken with shredded mozzarella cheese, diced green onions and crumbled bacon.
Patti's Famous Grilled Chicken
Charbroiled boneless chicken basted and seasoned with our special seasoning and sauce. Simple, but oh so good!
NEW Patti's Tropical Chicken
Our charbroiled chicken is basted with a plum glaze, as it cooks, then served with fresh grilled pineapple and our fresh tropical relish (strawberries, mango, pineapple, red peppers and a hint of cilantro and lime)
NEW Chicken Oscar
We start with our charbroiled chicken, then top it with three jumbo grilled shrimp, grilled asparagus, sautéed mushrooms and a wonderfully rich creamy béarnaise sauce drizzled over the top.
Seafood is served with choice of a cup of soup or fresh garden salad or spinach salad with hot bacon dressing. Entrées include choice of baked potato or steak fries or steamed vegetables and fresh flower pot bread with whipped butter and strawberry butter. Enjoy your baked potato loaded with our homemade cheese sauce, chives and bacon.
Catfish Filets
House Specialty - served for years! The catfish filets are rolled in our special flour and seasoning and deep fried, served with hushpuppies.
Grilled Salmon
Our salmon filet is served with that great outdoors kind of taste, charbroiled over an open flame getting that smoky flavor cooked in. Served with our creamy dill sauce on the side.
Fried Shrimp
Our jumbo gulf shrimp, dipped in our wonderful dark beer batter (Mom always said to use a dark beer it creates a greater flavor) and fried to a golden brown. Served with hushpuppies.
These are served with pot bread and our whipped strawberry and regular butter. Add a fresh garden salad.
Michael's Shrimp Pasta
I've changed the name but not the great taste! Shrimp blended together with our cheeses and chives mixture is first broiled then sautéed with our creamy alfredo sauce, mushrooms, hickory smoked bacon and sun-dried tomatoes. Served over a hot bed of linguine and topped with a sprinkling of grated parmesan cheese.
NEW Seafood Pasta
Shrimp,​ scallops and crab meat are sautéed together in our new rich, thick bruschetta sauce (tomatoes, herbs and virgin olive oil). Served over linguine. A very nice dish in the Italian sort of way.
Fresh Vegetable Pasta
Fresh​ vegetables of the season, lightly sautéed in our alfredo sauce. Served over a bed of linguine and topped with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese.
Grilled Chicken Linguine
A​ Patti's wonderful grilled chicken breast, sautéed in our alfredo sauce with green onions, red peppers and snap peas. Served over a bed of linguine and topped with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese and bacon.
Cajun Shrimp Diane
Here is one of Patti's all time great dishes. We first served it at Patti's on the Pier in the early 80's. Today we sauté our shrimp with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and chives in a slightly spicy Cajun Diane sauce, served over a bed of linguine.
Meringue Pies
Six to eight inches of "mile high" meringue pies: Coconut, Lemon or Chocolate
Sawdust Pie
Coconut, graham cracker crumbs and pecans in an egg batter and baked with a flaky pie shell. We top this with sliced bananas, whipped cream and more sliced bananas. This pie got its name because the kids say it looks like baked sawdust. It was mother's first published recipe (Bon Appetit, May 1983).
Boo Boo Pie
A rare time when Mother tried to use someone else's recipe and it failed. She gave the mistake to us kids to eat and she went back to the drawing board to redo this pie. She proudly brought out the second pie which was the way it was supposed to be, but we liked the mistake better. This meant Mother had to figure out what she had done wrong and we boys had to figure out a name for this pie: and so, "Boo Boo" pie came to be. It's a rich brownie type pie with a gooey, coconut macaroon filling topped with whipped cream and a cherry.
Kentucky Chocolate Pecan
An old Kentucky tradition and very rich. It is pecan pieces joined with semi-sweet chocolate chips in a flaky pie shell.
John Y. Brown - Butterscotch Pecan
When Governor Brown came to visit, Mother quickly came up with this original recipe for this extra rich pecan pie with butterscotch chips. It's so rich it makes your teeth chatter-like talking about John Y's wealth.
Bill's Boatsinker Pie
Named for my Dad, it's a rich, dark double fudge pie topped with coffee ice cream, piled high with whipped cream, "drizzled" with chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry.
Chess Sinker
Rich chess pie, topped with coffee ice cream, piled high with whipped cream, "drizzled" with caramel and topped with a cherry.
Mint Sinker
It's a rich, dark double fudge pie topped with mint chocolate ice cream, piled high with whipped cream, "drizzled" with créme de menthe and chocolate syrup, and topped with a cherry.
Mississippi Mud Pie
A frozen ice cream pie which has a chocolate cookie crumb crust with double layers of fudge and coffee ice chocolate syrup and a cherry.
Dutch Peach Pie
A delightful mixture of custard and peaches, finished with a pecan strudel topping "drizzled" with caramel. We suggest it a la mode.
Flower Pot Bread
Fresh Grilled Asparagus
Bake Potato
Steak Fries
French Fries
Onion Rings
Cole Slaw
Patti's Loaded Baked Potato - topped with our homemade cheese sauce, bacon and green onions.
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Anmeldt d. 25. juni 2017 fra mobile enheder

Bill's er en del af den kendte Patti er Restaurant familie. Folk kører i km for at nyde den ned hjem top kvalitet). Den premier tallerken er de 2 tommer Kotelet middag. Fantastisk, fantastisk, og velsmagende er den øvrige del af deres menu. Tærter og...desserter er stjernegod. Indretningen er hyggelig og personalet bærer 1880 s dragter. Sjovt sted for to eller en stor gruppe, men ring i forvejen så du er ikke skuffet. Sørg for at bede om at se Injun Joe i badekarret. Børn og voksne elsker ham.Mere

Dato for besøg: juni 2017
Anmeldt d. 13. marts 2017

Det er tilsvarende restaurant til Patti er med de samme køkken og samme personale. Det ser ud til at være nogenlunde samme dekorationer. Det er i samme kompleks. Det har dog også et større område, hvor man kan sidde mennesker og større grupper. Vi kom...her på en travl weekend efter en ultra - marathon (vi havde ikke kørt, men det var ved at blive afholdt på samme tid). Vi har reserveret dagen før (helt sikkert anbefale forbehold) . Vi blev siddende lige præcis til tiden. Tjeneren var høflig og børnene elskede atmosfæren. Det er en gruppe (ikke romantisk) men mine børn elskede det. Det var en smule støj, men ikke alt for støjende. Maden løber fra $ 20 til $ 50 en tallerken. Måltidet er udstyret med et " flower pot " brød (børnene elskede det) med regelmæssig og Jordbær smør. Fremragende valg. Jeg havde spinat salat med bacon dressing, som var en sød og sure valg. De løb tør for suppen af dagen, så min kone fik et alternativ, men den ene datter, at hun nød ikke kunne lide. Vi spiste en appetitvækker af hjemmelavede kartoffel chips søgt med chili og ost og lignende. Det var indåndes. Den familie bestilt mad fra hele menuen. Jeg kunne godt lide den 2 tommer Kotelet (godt valg) og min kone nød oksehøjreb. Det kinesiske nudler retter var fantastisk. Sky high pie ser godt ud, men vi er alle waddled ud derfra. Anbefalinger: få en reservation. Her eller Patti er det ser ud til at være den samme. Al maden er god og det virkede som om, vi ikke kunne gå galt. Plus: store grupper, venligt personale, god mad Ulemper: Maden et par grader fra perfekt. . . Måske. . . Vi er alle vil helt sikkert vende tilbage.Mere

Dato for besøg: marts 2017
Anmeldt d. 11. februar 2017 fra mobile enheder

Vi tog afsted med vores nære venner lørdag, Februar 11, 2017 for en køretur til Buzzard Rock Resort. Vi besluttede at stoppe med kødboller 1880 . Vi forsøgte at få en reservation, men til ingen nytte de var fuldt booket indtil de lukker. Vi ventede...i nærheden til en time og et halvt i tilfælde nogen klarede den ikke til deres reservation. Vi var til sidst ringede til Bills omkring 4 : 00:00. Vi havde et rigtig dejligt måltid. Min kone fik rejer med salat og bagt kartoffel som var lækker, mine venner havde-cheeseburger og en grillet kylling salat, som de begge nød. Jeg havde det højreb stegt medium. Det var bare lige men bøffen var en smule i den hårde side lavet, men jeg nød det noget mindre. Alle er salater var den bedste. Frisk og sprød. Vores tjener var Donna. Jeg indrømmer, at jeg som ikke dømmer hende men den var meget udadvendt måde til reserveret. Jeg tænkte " Åh nej! Dreng var jeg forkert! ! ! Hun var absolut en af de bedste tjenere jeg nogensinde har haft den glæde og fornøjelse af at være blevet serveret forbi. Hun var meget professionelle og venlige og åbne nok til at være underholdende og ikke til at åbne for at være ubehagelig. Vi har aldrig været til venstre at de ville have til noget som helst. Hun holdt vores te glas fyldt hele tiden og hun holdt den tomme tallerkener og beskidt grej fra vores bord. Hun var helt stealth og effektivt. Hvis min bøf var ikke på den hårde side jeg ville have givet dette sted 5 stjerner. Jeg vil give Donna 5 stjerner på hendes service!Mere

Dato for besøg: februar 2017
Anmeldt d. 5. januar 2017

Vi var i Grand floder i weekenden, og var blevet at vide, at vi var nødt til at spise på Patti's 1880 s bosættelse. Godt, hvordan de eneste forbehold jeg kunne få, var i 1045., hvilket var langt bedre til det tidlige for mig spise en sådan et tungt måltid. Vi havde fået at vide, at du ikke har brug for at spise på Bill's og det er nøjagtig det samme menu reservationen. Vi har derfor besluttet at tage chancen og tage til Bills den aften. Vi tog på 730:00 og havde stadig til at vente 90 minutter. Men jeg ville vente hele dagen lang og spise dette måltid igen. Du får en personsøger og er i stand til at gå rundt i Patti's og butik. Vi besøgte i løbet af julen så vi var i stand til at gå rundt og se på alle de jul dekorationer. Vi kun "sad og ventede " for ca. 15 minutter. Når du har sat i Julemandens værksted med alle de dekorationer, vi fik serveret vores drikkevarer og deres berømte flower pot det føltes som brød i. Brødet er godt, men du skal ikke fylde op med det. Jeg er en oksekød, og overvejet, hvad der var det en ganske særlig begivenhed for fanden og jeg ville bruge et par ekstra dollars og få højreb. Huset krydret sovs på denne bøf gjorde det såååå godt. Jeg husstanden lagt noget på min bøf til at spise det, da vi ikke denne her. Det var bare en steak. Til at ledsage den, men jeg har haft en salat og en bagt kartoffel med smør og creme fraiche. De fleste steder, hvor jeg har bestilt en bagt kartoffel, de spring du på smørret. Du er nødt til at bede om mere og det er koldt og ikke smelter på kartoflen. Ikke her! Du kommer til at Ventetiden for smør så hver bid er velsmagende. Min ven bestilte kylling Oscar (kylling, med rejer og asparges, og svampe med en-bearnaise sauce stænket over toppen) . Hun har også aftalt, at det var det bedste måltid af hendes liv. På dette punkt, jeg vil også gerne have at være begejstret for de desserter, men desværre var der ikke mere plads i min Belly. Jeg bliver nødt til at redde dessert til min næste tur. Det bedste ved at komme ind efter kl. 21.00 , er, at da vi forlod vi stort set havde det rette sted for os selv og kunne se alle de dekorationer.Mere

Dato for besøg: december 2016
Anmeldt d. 24. december 2016 fra mobile enheder

Vores 1 gade tid at spise her på vores bryllupsdag weekend på CHRISTmastime. Det er forbundet til Patti's bebyggelse Restaurant. Wow spinat salat med Bacon dressing (sød citrus smag! ) Og Apple Fryd Bacon - Svinekød 350-grams & læsset kartoffel var så lækkert! Mums! Der...blev tilberedt apple gjorde det Kotelet fantastisk! 🍎OTH min mand og jeg elskede det! Vi kom tidligt kl. 3:00 og bare slå den store middag rush at komme ind. Så snart vi satte os ned, de kaldte vores navne. Vores tjener var fantastisk! Deres påklædning i 1800 s stil. Elsker Julen indretning her! Selv bthrm var imponerende! Vi ser frem til at vende tilbage her en dag, hvor vi er i den store floder/LBL (Land mellem søerne) området igen. Husk at nyde vores tid her! Tak!Mere

Dato for besøg: december 2016
Anmeldt d. 16. november 2016 fra mobile enheder

Den Kotelet er god. Ost en sten rigtig godt. Spinat salat med varm påklædning er det bedste jeg har fået indtil videre. Denne tur er smuk og julelys vi var heldige og så den belysning ceremoni sammen med nogle store levende musik.

Dato for besøg: november 2016
Anmeldt d. 18. september 2016 fra mobile enheder

Lidt mere overfyldt end Patti's side, men samme gode mad! Mad er det samme på begge steder, men Bill's er mere som et Cracker Barrell type omgivelser oprettet. Fremragende service og fremragende mad!!

Dato for besøg: december 2015
Anmeldt d. 7. september 2016

Bill's og Patti er den samme køkken, de er et tilstødende, så enten ville være et godt valg. Vi var ikke klar over dette fantastisk fund indtil jeg så en bogen på tæppet museum. Så glad for, at vi tog, vil helt bestemt komme tilbage, sørg for at bede os om bord. De er ikke nødvendig, men det vil spare dig et ret vildt. Portionerne er store så sulten.Mere

Dato for besøg: september 2016
Anmeldt d. 28. maj 2016 fra mobile enheder

Bill's er en del af Patti er 1880's bosættelse og rent faktisk deler køkken: om aftenen, da vi var der, de specialtilbud på begge restauranter var identiske. Patti helt sikkert har lås på denne by! Kroer, restauranter, minigolf, butikker ... du sagde det, Patti ejer...det. Hvorfor skal jeg gøre opmærksom på? Du vil vente længe på, at et bord på Patti's restaurant, når man kan gå rundt om hjørnet og få en plads med det samme på Bill's. Så er du advaret! Hvis du kan lide en voksen drik til middagen, kan du ikke få det her, da dette er en tør county. Du kan medbringe din egen, hvilket ville have været rart at vide, men jeg har ikke set en eneste anmeldelse, der blev nævnt! Jeg havde ikke læst dem alle, selvfølgelig ... men alligevel ... Vi bestilte rib eye 350-grams bøf til aftensmad, sammen med et (side) læsset bagt kartoffel. Den 12 besiddelse bøffen var kreativt navn, som det skete ikke synes at være en ægte rib eye (deraf " 350-grams" terminologi). Til trods for det var en dejlig bøf, udmærket smag, temmelig mørt (eventuelt marineret) og kun et par unser tabte til fedt. Bøffen kom med et udvalg af suppe eller salat. Vi valgte spinat salat. Salaten var fin, selv om det var en meget sød bacon dressing. Kartoflen var lille bitte smule kogt nok, men lækker. Ostesauce, smør, creme fraiche, scallions, og en sølle skyde med spredehagl bacon bits ... bacon gør alt bedre, og der kunne have været mere af det :) hvert bord får et varmt brød bagt i gryde ler. Kreativ og ganske velsmagende! Vi syntes prisen var lidt høj, hvor vi var i betragtning, men betjeningen var god, men lidt langsom. Virkelig ville have nydt at glas vin med min bøf, dog!Mere

Dato for besøg: maj 2016
Anmeldt d. 8. maj 2016

Vi har været i Patti er et par gange, men kunne ikke få forbehold der en fredag kl. 18. Damen på at tale i telefonen har reserveret på Mr. regninger for os i stedet. Menuen, og priserne er helt det samme, men denne side af...operation synes at have lidt mere plads mellem bordene, og en lille mindre rod som indretning. Betjeningen og maden var god. Min mand fik en 1-tommer Kotelet og jeg fik kylling Oscar. Min opvaskemaskine kunne have brugt en lidt mindre sauce men jeg nød den til side. De dampede grøntsager var smurt ind i smør, og de squash i den blanding var waaayyyy for moste. Broccoli og blomkål og løg var gode. Jeg havde vores tjener kassen halvdelen af mit måltid så vi kunne få dessert. Min mand fik citron- og marengstærte og jeg havde noget med en brownie og mint chip is. Ja, de serverer desserter var gode, men de var alt for dyre. 7 Dollars for at få noget citron budding og en eskortere dig forbi enorme forhøjning af marengs. Jeg advarer alle de opvarmning af brownie meget varmt og derefter lægge is på toppen, så halvvejs eller mindre gennem dessert du har smeltet flydende is som rasler ned på tallerkenen. Hvis jeg havde den til at begynde forfra, jeg ville have bestilt noget uden is - jeg har lyst til at mere end halvdelen af det var spildt på grund af den smelter. Måltidet var god, servicen var meget god, men to hovedretter, to te, og to desserter efter tip var omkring $75,00 . Det var ikke det værd at pris, men vi var på ferie og det var vores eneste skejer ud. Oh well ... Jeg vil vide bedre næste gang.Mere

Dato for besøg: maj 2016
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