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Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort

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Jeg er sjældent forlade dårlige anmeldelser, men jeg føler, at surfe Ranch tjente dette. Personalet var meget venlige, men betjeningen var forfærdelig. Der var ingen i receptionen da vi ankom. Det første værelse de gav os, var forkert. Ingen var i restauranten. Morgenmaden var
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Svar fra lukeboychuk, Owner hos Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort
Svarede d. 14. jun. 2017
Lee Thank you for your review, and thank you for staying with us. I talked to management about the issues, and I would like to cover them below. 1. Yes our staff are very friendly, and they do a great job with service, however you are basing this review off your arrival as the receptionist was not at reception for a few minutes when you arrived, as he was helping other guests. 2. You came on the weekend when all rooms were full at resort was packed, so there is a delay in breakfast, however on our website, we serve breakfast from 8 - 10am, so if you have to wait until 8:10am, 10 minutes for them to make it, it is not unusual, especially when the resort is full. The coffee is always turned on at 6am. 3. You stayed for 2 nights, and are basing this review off one of the morning's, which I do say was very unusual, as we have not had it happen before. The 2 bartenders working the morning shift, did not show up, and yes we have since replaced them. By them not showing up, our manager, reception and kitchen staff, help served the food until 9am, until our replacement bartenders could come. I applaud them on doing a great job with the situation we had...and yes to top it off, like you mentioned...2 different guests got in a little fight, as one guest had their music blaring on their speakers, and the other guest asked them to turn it down. They had a little fight, and it was broken up, and one of the guests called the police to come. Our staff handled the situation properly and professionally, and the guest who started the fight, was embarrassed, and they left the property. 4. You did stay in our deluxe condos, which we did install TV's, and I see you recommend these rooms, which is great. About the chewing gum on the wall, I already sent maintenance into the room to fix any touch ups and remove it. It was the exact same color as the wall, and maintenance said it was plaster to cover a hole, but none the less, it has been fixed. There are no shower mats in the bathrooms, but we will now buy some in the next few days, that's good advice. 5. The shuttles, it is low season, and we have one driver and limited the times to 3 shuttles per day, in high season, we have more shuttles. Please remember you can go to town anytime you like throughout the day in the shuttle, other than the free shuttle times, it will be only $3 per person. Thank you for the review, it was great, and we can fix a few things from it, but next time, you can always email me directly to discuss this. Our management said you had a great time, but this review shows me, you pointed out the negative stuff only, as I understand, one negative thing after another builds up, and makes you feel you need to let it out on Trip Advisor. But that is what Trip Advisor is for :) Thanks again for staying with us.
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Efter at gøre mission arbejder for en uge i det nordlige Nicaragua, dette sted var perfekt! Vi var så begejstrede for at finde aircondition, varme brusebade, og wifi, der fungerede godt - ting, der ikke er standard i dette land. Hele personalet var venligt, maden var fantastisk,
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Svar fra lukeboychuk, Owner hos Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort
Svarede d. 31. maj 2017
Dear Guest Thank you for staying with us at the Surf Ranch. I am glad to hear you enjoyed all of the amenities, staff, grounds, shuttle and everything else. Looking forward to your next stay with us. Thank you.
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I begyndelsen var god, vi ankom alle var søde og venlige. Vi havde en alt-inklusive mad og drikkevarer i løbet af 3 dage. Så vi havde et problem med vores bruser den første dag, det var ikke fungerede. De sagde til os, at de var nødt til at sende os en person men vi var nødt til
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Svar fra lukeboychuk, Owner hos Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort
Svarede d. 12. maj 2017
Dear Guest Thank you for staying with us at the Surf Ranch Resort. We thrive to be the best and are always training our staff, etc... I understand that staff get to personal once they get to know you and think they can joke around like that, instead of staying professional. Tourism is new here and we are doing our best to train the staff to offer the best service available. I talked to Yoselyn about the incident with the fries, and both of those bartenders have since been fired, as they were on their last strike. Coming next week, is also a new menu as well, and we are hiring someone just to make sure the plates are exactly how they are suppose to be, before coming out. About the shower, there should not be this problem anymore, as all rooms are now checked out and signed by 3 people, and the shower heads are cleaned daily. These 2 situations should not of happened and I apologize that it did ruin your vacation and that you left us a negative review because of these 2 things. I am though, glad to see the manager Yoselyn going above and beyond to make your stay perfect. In the hotel business or any customer service business in a country that is not used to providing top A service, it is a little tricky, but this is our main focus. We have a great management team in place, and aim to fix all issues before they arise. Thank you again for staying with us and we look forward to your return.
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Hvis du er selv i betragtning af dette sted, gør man ikke genere. Jeg har aldrig haft en værre oplevelse med personalet i mit liv. Så mange ting gik galt og ingen prøvede endda at hjælpe eller reparere det. Personalet var ikke hjælpsomme og fik hver ordre af mad forkert, og fik
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Svar fra lukeboychuk, Owner hos Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort
Svarede d. 9. maj 2017
Dear Guest Thank you for staying with us at the Surf Ranch. It was unfortunate that there was a flash storm, which turned off the power, and the resort was full. The issues were fixed immediately. Your friend already wrote the same negative review 2 reviews earlier than this, so below you will also find the reply to her, which goes hand in hand with your review as well. It is unfortunate to hear that you had these experience and first time that it was brought to my attention. I just talked with our onsite manager, to clear this up to make sure it does not happen again. I will go over each point below. 1. The resort has an onsite generator, as the power goes out frequently in the whole country of Nicaragua. This weekend you came, the resort was completely full, so in this case we rent a larger generator. It turned out that when the power went out, the generator came on, but for some reason it blew out the a/c in your unit and the lights, which have since been fixed, but for some reason it only happened in your unit and I do apologize. I wish it had been brought to my attention earlier so we could compensate you. 2. 2 towels in the bathroom. This is our standard amount of towels in each room, however if we know 4 people are checking in, we will add 4 towels into the unit. If you arrive with 2 more people, not a problem, the towels will be added at arrival. 3. Food ordering - I mentioned this to our manager and she states that you ordered from the menu, then when the food came, you said you wanted something else, proceeded with eating the meal, also the 2nd that came out, and said you would not pay for the first, although it was eaten. They mentioned you did this twice, and that your friend apologized on your behalf and paid the tab for the food that you ate but did not want to pay for. It sounds like an unfortunate situation, however no problem if you ordered food, and returned it right away, we would be happy to void it, however once consumed, we are not able to refund it back. I hope this makes sense. If there are details that I am missing, please contact me by email. 4. Resort Hours - The staff work from 7:30am - 11pm, then from 11pm the night guard takes over. Yoselyn the manager mentioned you stayed until 12:30pm this night and talked to you about the storm / generator issue. Conclusion: Nothing we could do about the power frying the lights and a/c until the next day, and it has been fixed. An unfortunate incident. The towels, I will have a meeting to place 4 towels in each villa now, instead of 2. The food, I will talk to the bar and waiting staff to see how we can fix this problem. Thank you again for staying with us with your group of 6 people, I am glad to hear they had a great time, but it's unfortunate to hear you encountered some of these issues. It helps us get better and we thank you. All the best,
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Et utroligt alle - inklusive oplevelse tæt på strandene i San Juan del Sur. God mad, du kan svømme op-til-bar, lækre cocktails og afslappende musik. Der er gratis transport til byen, hvis du har brug for det et par gange om dagen, og de kan hjælpe med at arrangere ture længere
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Scorpion in my room
We are worried that the breakfast is not served in time to take the morning surf shuttle?
I would like to get some pictures of the updated villas to see what was done to them. Thanks
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Surf Ranch Action Sports Resort
NicaraguaRivas DepartmentSan Juan del Sur
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