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Czech Event Prague

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Kvarter: Prag 8
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  • Krizik • Minutters gang: 5
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Joana Marie D
Holland75 bidrag
Adorably glimpse of the wanderlusty life of the old town Praha
dec. 2016 • Venner
It was hot when i went here...the sun is invegorating and very attractive as well as the was a time of an extreme glamorous time...the city had its own way of telling his is a legend if era...its a mystic fortress of the old and contemporary era which divide the horizon of modernity..

I wanted to go back here time to time aside from the facts all stuffs were very cost spent your money wisely here and you will not regret it same as u didnt regret any moment i was they're!!!
Skrevet d. 22. december 2016
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Yenery Z
Lima, Peru1.623 bidrag
Praga es fantástico!
sep. 2014 • Venner
La visita a Praga es una experiencia que disfrutarás, claro que con algunos cuidados de por medio. Si vas a por tren o vuelo, trata de planificar una ruta desde tu punto de llegada hasta el lugar donde te hospedarás, ya sea tomando taxi o a pie; las calles son seguras pero podrás toparte con alguno que intentará sorprenderte. Cuidado con los cambistas, conocidos por venderte otras monedas en vez de la checa. Procura efectuar el cambio de moneda en las casas de cambio conocidas; y si es posible, hazlo en otras ciudades ya que te darán una mejor tarifa, en la misma Praga te podrían dar moneda falsa o las tarifas son muy altas. Hospédate en la ciudad vieja para que realices todos tus recorridos a pie; todo está relativamente muy cerca.
Skrevet d. 21. august 2015
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Maira C
Ribeirao Preto, SP172 bidrag
Only problem is taxi service
maj 2015 • Venner
City is wonderful, safe and full of history. But DON'T TAKE TAXIS! They are abusively expensive and drivers even take long and unnecessary ways, only to charge you more! For example, we were charged € 30 to go from U Fleku restaurant (Kramencova street) to Prague Castle!! Once you are in Old Town, New Town or Mala Strana, you can walk everywhere. Metro and trams can also be used even when carrying luggage, because there are escalators and lifts.
Skrevet d. 30. maj 2015
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David B
Chicago71 bidrag
Back to the Future-A Return to the Bad Old Days Before the changes
maj 2015 • Forretningsrejse
I have visited Prague 7 or 8 times in the past 10-12 years. Over the past 3 years the level of corruption and personal threat on the streets has skyrocketed to the point where they now approach the (very) bad old days before the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. Not to put too fine a point upon it, if you go to Prague with the assumption that everyone you meet is waiting to steal the fillings out of your teeth you will not be far wrong. On this most recent trip: 1. My hotel room was double sold, requiring me to move to another hotel where my daughter and I were treated like pariahs.2. The taxi that we approached to take us from one train station to another nakedly refused to do so. 3. The next taxi quoted us a price four times the fare by meter, and nakedly and rudely refused to run the meter, tossing our bags our of the car into the street. 4. The next cab driver did the same, only he threatened us with physical harm. 5. The hotel we were staying at refused to provide a hotel car for the trip to the train station. 6. The original hotel we had booked-remember, the one that double sold our room?-offered to give us a lift in the hotel car-for five times the legal taxi rate. I agreed. On arrival at the train station I simply told the driver that I was not going to pay and disappeared into the crowd with my daughter-to meet the Orient Express of all things (talk about contrasts!).
I am sorry to say that, as a very experienced world traveler I DO NOT recommend ANY American to travel to Prague outside of an organized tour group-which I normally abhor. I have had other recent experiences there to include physical intimidation and attempted robbery on the street It is getting pretty bad in Prague and ANYONE planning to travel there as an individual not on official government business with appropriate excort detail would, I think, do very well to reconsider those plans very seriously. It is a beautiful city but until the corruption, crime and feeding frenzy of the criminals is brought under control-not very likely soon as the Police are generally complicit in my experience-stick with a tour group.
Skrevet d. 29. maj 2015
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